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weedbed destruction

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Weedbed Destruction Service

This new service is a valuable addition to offer the hope of long-lasting relief from the prolific growth of submerged, rooted aquatic weeds, such as Canadian Pondweed, Milfoil  and others.  Along with our contractor, we have developed powered equipment to draw rooted weeds out of the sediment, so that it can be removed from the lake. This gives a much greater chance of relief from choking weed than merely cutting it.
Our overall approach to the management of lakes is to consider and treat the whole lake.  This offers the prospect of long-term success or cure.  We seek to reverse the decline that has taken place over the previous years, decades or even centuries! So, once the weed has been removed, other background causal factors can be addressed to prevent or suppress the prolific growth of weed in future.  If you are uncertain of the status of your lake, or don\’t know which product or service to use, do call us, where our in-house scientist can discuss the possible solutions.  It may be that the best, next step is to use our Lake Survey Service.  This can eliminate the expensive, time-wasting search for a cure on a trial-and-error basis.

You can download more information about our Weedbed Destruction Service here