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water quality testing

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Water Quality Testing Service

To manage natural ponds and lakes to achieve the best possible water quality, it is important to make informed decisions.  Selection of remedial treatments, and the timing of their application, should be done on the basis of knowledge of the state of the pond and its bed.  
We offer a comprehensive range of testing of water and mud samples, conducted by our associated laboratory.  Parameters tested include, but are not limited to the following:

Chemical Oxygen Demand
Biochemcial Oxygen Demand
phosphate phosphorous
suspended solids
suspended silt organic content
mud organic content
total oxidised nitrogen (nitrite and nitrate)
total phosphate
acute nitrification toxicity test (used to test the water sample to establish if it will support the proper functioning of nitrifying bacteria which de-toxify ammonia)
chronic (5-day) nitrification test
many other tests, including metals

Analysis is carried out at our associate laboratory, who have a lifetime of experience in front-line research in biological sciences.  Thus, clients can be confident that the testing, and results, will be of the highest standard, and therefore reliable.   
This is very important when deciding the course of remedial treatments