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The business that is now Spirex Aquatec was founded in 1984, by Dr Andrew Worthington. The technical advances made during his research into fish farming were used to good effect in a commercial ornamental fish farm. Since then, the business has diversified into lake water quality remediation, and specialised fish farming equipment. The patented biological filter medium, Springflo, was also developed during this period.

Spirex Aquatec has been entrusted with several UK Distributorships for water quality remediation products and fish farming equipment.

The service that is offered draws on the wealth of expertise and experience of not only Spirex Aquatec, but its specialised supplier partners. These include internationally renowned Environmental Biologists,  Water Treatment Engineers and commercial Fish Farmers.

The company ethos is to supply the best supporting advice, equipment, treatments and services for the job.

Our success depends on your success

Member of the Institute of Fisheries Management. Company Registration Number 4524471
Office: Spirex Aquatec Ltd, Bradley Green, Redditch, B96 6TN, Registered in England and Wales. VAT Number GB803548439.
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